We at RMF Insurance Services company in Dubai helping you obtain the best and most precise health plan that covers you against sickness. We provide a wide range of options for Individual and Group Health Insurance in Dubai, which best suits your needs depending on your requirements for core benefits like inpatient, outpatient, maternity and emergency services.

With the Health Insurance/ Medical Insurance policy in Dubai, we can help in:

  • Pre-existing & Chronic conditions – Covered in full from day 1 for previously insured members.
  • Extension – To extend the cover to include home country & worldwide
  • Affordability – An affordable plan for eligible members as determined by Dubai Health Authority both in terms of benefits and budget of the clients.
  • Claims – Reimbursement Claims are handled by us in an efficient manner providing high-quality service. In case of Pre-approval for certain (Inpatient hospital) treatment, we will get it done within 24-48 hours. We also take approvals for treatments taken in home country at ease.
  • Out of Geographical Area – In case of emergencies, treatment outside geographical area is also covered.

Medical Plans

Below you will found all Medical Plans to our Partners